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Funny Phonics

Little Guy is pretty smart.  He picked up on all his letters really quickly, learning the first few on his own, which I of course ran with.  Once I knew he was capable of learning them, I started to work on teaching them to him.  He knows them all now, although he struggles a little with lowercase letters.

Knowing your letters is a fun "parlor trick" but doesn't really help much on the path to reading and literacy.  I have read that you should NOT teach your children their letters, but rather teach them the sounds that they make FIRST and then the letters later.  I forgot to do this, so we are working the other way.

He has a Star Wars Pre-School Workbook, (He calls it his 3PO book - C3PO is on the cover) and instead of saying capital A and lowercase a I have been saying capital aaaaa (imagine the sound not repeatedly saying "a") and lowercase aaaaa.  Since he is not slow on the uptake, it only confused him for a little bit.  He was like "This not "a"?  Its aaaa?"  I tried to explain that it was an "a" but that wasn't important.  I don't know if he got it, but he stopped saying the letters and started saying the sounds.

By the way, this workbook is PERFECT for little tiny kids.  He is a smart kid, but he doesn't have great fine motor skills (probably my fault, I am not good at doing those sorts of activities on a regular basis), so he can't really write his letters.  At all.  That means that most workbooks are much to difficult for him.  This one starts out with just coloring in the matching letters, so he can do it!  He gets them right 90% of the time, but the j/i threw him off a little.  But I digress.

This morning he was at the table waiting for breakfast and he said "There is "cuh*" on the floor.  You pick it up?"

I was like "What is on the floor?"

"Cuh on the floor!"

We have some alphabet magnets, and the "c" had fallen on the floor under the table, and he though I might want to pick it up.

*He didn't say it precisely "cuh" rather he said the sound, but for the purpose of typing out letter sounds, "cuh" is the closest I can get.


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